The Church is housed in modern buildings, which include a Parish Centre, linked to the Church by a covered walkway. There is also a grassed area where the local community council place their Christmas Tree, and we have an area of land behind the vicarage which we hope to perhaps convert into plots for community use.


St. Margaret’s is a friendly and caring church trying to serve the community of Ingol, Tanterton and Cottam.

A computer club also meets on the first Wednesday of the month in the afternoon between 1.30 pm and 3.0 pm. in the Lounge.

The Bowling group meet on Thursdays from 2.0pm until 4.0pm for flat green bowls on a mat, dominoes and darts - and of course tea and chat.

Mothers’ Union meets in the Parish Centre on the third Tuesday in the month, and there is also a Men’s Group, which organises a variety of fairs and fetes as well as meeting occasionally. They also provide manpower for the "Fix it" team who do simple maintenance in and around our buildings.

The Sunday Club (Sunday School)is currently not meeting, but hopes to resume soon. St. Margaret's is a "child friendly" church and has qualified for the certificate presented by the Blackburn Diocese to churches who meet the "child friendly" criteria. :-abcxyz-: